Alvas Onguru

Chief creative Officer & Joint Managing Partner


Alvas Onguru was born with a big rattle in his hand. When things get a little quiet, he shakes it in the hope that it will liven things up. This has been evident throughout his career, which began in 1995 as a trainee copywriter at MCL Saatchi & Saatchi.

In 1997, he joined McCann-Erickson as a proper copywriter and, using the rattle, livened things up enough to win the 1998 APA Creative Awards Grand Prix, the Craft Award for Best Copywriter, and four other awards in his debut APAs.

Things were going rather too well, so in March 2001 he accepted the Creative Director's position at DDB CCL at 29, the youngest ever Creative Director in Kenya, leading that agency to an unprecedented 12 APA awards in his first 8 months.

A firm believer in work that entertains, invigorates and persuades, Alvas has an infectious ability to create the conditions for wonderful work to flourish. +It is this enormous talent that lead to his being getting carted off to Johannesburg, South Africa as Executive Creative Director for ZK Advertising in 2006.

Needing to learn a little more about rattle-shaking, Alvas became the first African to be admitted to the prestigious Berlin School of Creative Leadership in 2008.


Alvas is married to June and they have two children, Awuor and Polo.

When he is not out snagging trout at the Kenya Fly Fishers Club, Alvas serves on the board of elders at Mamlaka Hill Chapel and has been following the Mwamba Rugby Football Club since he was 8.