Anthony Githua

Strategy Director & Joint Managing Partner


The first signs that Antony might be headed for a career in communication was when at baby class, he could draw a car in decent perspective. He always wondered why the other kids drew cars with both front and back skewed to the viewer! But he was equally interested in things science and in class two was busy playing with torches and tadpoles. So it was a contest between art and science.

After doing a BSc in Information Sciences, he started off in design at Kul Graphics, where he earned the title ‘Artworker’, but soon realized that the Holy Grail lay elsewhere.

In Tanzania, around 1999, he won his first strategy client – Tanzania Telecomunications. He worked with various design houses and agencies including Desktop Productions, Portello Ogilvy Worldwide Affiliate and a short stint with Century Saatchi & Saatchi before making his way back to Kenya to join a brand strategy firm – Atom-TDF. Here he worked with brands like UAP Insurance, Equity Bank, Kenya Revenue Authority, Centum, TransCentury and Kihingo Village.

Soon the entrepreneurial bug proved too hard to resist and Antony founded Genie Ltd, a brand strategy consulting firm. Working on sole and joint basis, he handled brands like Strathmore University, Kenya Re and Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

He later joined up with his old pals to help found OG+A. He believes his true calling lies somewhere between finding out the stuff that makes things tick and making sense of chaos. He recommends you read the book or watch the short movie: Powers of Ten.


Antony is a Rotarian, Landmark graduate, Busherian and father to Ian. He is also a trustee and director at Delka. His hobbies vary with time but movies and eating good food seem to be a constant…