Forest Dew

The Challenge
Launch a new mineral water brand into the Kenyan market for Jacaranda Hotels. Initial target was to be a strong number 2 in terms of perception in the premium mineral water category, command a price premium and build a credible premium brand that stands out in the crowded marketplace.

The brief was to develop naming, product label design, packaging and visual identity that reflect the brand. Additionally, we were required to devise marketing programs that would quickly build depth and breadth of brand awareness to compete favourably with long established pioneer brands.

Our Approach
We developed a brand strategy built around its unique assets which comprised the place of origin (Shimba Hills), user profile as well as the premium market which was its target.

Following a brand audit, we positioned the brand as pristine, unspoilt, pure and made the imagery to portray the achiever. We then gave the brand a personality and a name that would differentiate it in the crowded mineral water market.